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How to Pick a Sports Betting Handicapping Service

Selecting a sports betting handicapping service may not be that simple. How do recognize the right one for you? The Internet crawls with swindlers who will set up shop and then vanish after taking people’s cash.


First off, go with for a sports handicapper with a positive and long track record. They need to be able to offer you with solid information spanning complete seasons of varying sports. Included in this must be their success rate together with the winnings per unit of their sports-betting clients.

No to Hard Sells

A good handicapping service knows that you need time to make smart decisions as a sports bettor. So don’t bite into hard sells or pressure ploys. Be suspicious about websites that make incredible claims like having an 90% winning rate.

Keep in mind that first-rate professional handicappers’ average success rate only lies between 53% and 55%. 4% of their wagers. It’s that straightforward.


If you’re interested in a certain handicapper, try reaching out to them on the phone or online. Were they friendly and accommodating? How long was it before you received a return call or a reply from them? Choose a handicapper that at least professionally handles themselves when dealing with clients, and take a reasonable time to respond to your communications.

Value-Based Packages

Do they have any value-based packages to offer and some kind of guarantee? If you’re thinking of making daily or weekly payments, you’ll have to go with a premium rate. However, monthly, seasonal or yearly services offer huge value to bettors, which makes great sense since constantly wagering on sports is what earns bettors real money.

In addition, the handicapping service has to offer a kind of guarantee, which can’t be a 100% money-back guarantee. Instead, this should come in the form of free picks for the equivalent stretch of time that your picks weren’t profitable.

What to Expect from a Handicapper

You can expect to receive a specific number of picks, together with information on how many units that you need to wager on every game. Unit distribution is key in profitable sports betting. Losing after wagering too many units or putting put too much money on the wrong game, can be difficult to recover from.

Lastly, if you’re a serious sports bettor, you’ll want each and every advantage that you can get. When planning to work with a sports handicapping service, first find out if they are cost-efficient. You should also weigh how frequently you place a bet, how much you’ve already won, and how long making you picks is going to take you.

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