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How You Can Get Rid Of Ticks and Fleas from Your house

Pet owners can keep their animals safe and free from fleas and ticks when they practice preventive measures on a routines basis. Pet owners need to consider the following steps if they want to remove fleas and ticks from the skin of their domestic animals. If you feel that the parasites have dominated over your house, you need to ensure that you come up with drastic measures of getting rid of the parasites. If you want to effectively remove ticks and fleas from attacking your house and pets, you need to use the following ways ,these include oral medications, spot -on treatments, as well as the use of sprays. You can use aerosols sprays to kill the fleas and ticks since they terminate the irritating parasites once they get in contact with them. There are many types of sprays that are available in the market, this range from those that are made of pyrethrum to those that are alcohol based, however, the latter are considered more effective though they come with other side effects to certain pets. When using a spray, you need to ensure that you have gone through the guide to using the chemical. For instance there are specific types of sprays that are mixed with certain types of medication, while others once sprayed on the pet, they are left for some time before the pet is washed.

Moreover, you can use spot-on treatment to remove fleas and ticks on your pets and house. The spot-on treatment method of eradicating the parasites is most preferred by most pet owners since it is relatively economical and has no side effects on the pets, in addition, prevent fleas and ticks from attacking your pet, and kill them when they try. On the other hand, pet owners can use oral methods of parasite control to regulate the parasites. However, when using the oral medication, you need to certain of how to use them since there are those that are strictly meant to kill only fleas and others eradicate ticks. It is good to note that there are other oral medications that are aimed at protecting the pets from ticks alone while others will protect them from fleas.

Apart from using spot-on medication and sprays, you can use shampoos to get rid of the parasites, this involves dipping the pets in the water laced with shampoo. Besides, it is essential to wash your dog with the shampoo more often, about every two weeks so as to remove the parasites completely. There are dog collars that repel ticks when they come closer to the collar. Besides, pet owners need to use different methods of parasite removal methods in order to completely get rid of the ticks and fleas.

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