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Types of Hardwood Flooring

The hardwood flooring option is among the most popular and attractive options considered when deciding on the type of flooring to put in place with a variety of types that have their unique characteristics. This flooring option can be refinished making it durable and you should see the following types to find your best hardwood floor.
Oak is the most dominant among the other types in the US as it has a high resistance deep scratches and dents, making it an ideal option for homeowners who do not like area rugs. National Floors Direct, a seller and installer of hardwood, can illustrate the different colors and grain patterns that come with these floor, from their website.
Unlike oak, the second type, lyptus is harder, with a close resemblance to mahogany and with a global presence. It is less expensive than mahogany, proving a lower quality despite their close resemblance.
With usage beyond flooring, mahogany, our third type is used to make musical instruments, boats and furniture, and has a higher price due to its color and beauty. Mahogany is durable and resistance to water and its lovers praise it of its timeless and classic look.
Hickory, our next kind, has the hardest exterior, making it ideal for homeowners who expect heavy traffic and people with log and rustic houses. Hickory lovers say that it matches with all house designs and is recommended for houses with more children.
The other kind is ash, a hardwood considered to be the hardest and toughest can be noticed by its, almost in all cases, light color. Ash can look similar to hickory but is differentiated by white dots it contains and is recommended for those who love hardwood because of the cheap cost it has compared to the rest.
The next type of hardwood flooring is maple, a popular hardwood that is characterized by its hard curly grains that are so hard that they are, in many cases used for bowling alleys. The patterns of this wood can not absorb dark stains but the wood forms a yellow exterior with time.
Our last type is the Brazilian cherry wood, otherwise known as Jatoba, which is very hard to an extent that professionals are the only ones best suited to install it as it tends to be a difficult job.
The different classes of hardwood flooring discussed above are suitable for a different homeowners based on how characteristics favor the needs of the homeowners making them equally significant.

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