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Graduation Announcements are a Must & What to Include in Them

High school graduations are one of the most special moments anyone can go through in their lives. This is the one special time in an individual’s life where their attributions and achievements are directly connected to a single person. It is important to capture that special moment only happening once in their lives. Graduation disclosures allow for young people to be recognized as stepping into the world of adulthood and working hard. Especially for the first-generation graduates, it is important to have all family and loved ones around graduates know about their great achievement. Just like any other big event, they want to make a formal announcement. This can be done in the format of a written announcement.
Graduation announcements can be more personable since they will probably be divided amongst groups of people the graduate wants to notify of their achievement. The graduate should spread the announcements to people whose support or inspiration they have counted on throughout their high school experience.

Personable invitations should include pictures of the person graduating and make it all about them. They can actually choose to include photos from other photoshoots gathered for the graduate’s ceremony or an album of special moments in their high school experience. Like any other invitation, the name of the person being celebrated should be headlined in big letters on the announcement. Along with that, the invitation needs to include some type of information about the graduation. They should probably address the graduate’s school name and their type of degree.
Extra features inside the announcement can include a cool fact about the recent graduate like their future plans post-graduation and a potential career title, as well as headline the current graduation year.

There are various tools for making these announcements including DIY tools online offering free templates and designs to find one suitable for an individual’s celebration. The tools range from many options opting for a custom-made announcement. First off, the graduate wants to filter the elements they want as part of their announcement. With customized services available online, there are a few options available for the format of the cards. The invitation can come with a normal sized invitation card, a business card format size, or even in the form of a magnet, resulting in a useful item for others. There are other choices to be made on the card such as the orientation of the cut, the shape of the announcement, the color of the background in the card, its letter font, and the graduate’s picture format. They should also decide on a theme for the announcement beforehand.

Individualized graduation headlining cards are great for the shy individual who wants to let everyone close know they are celebrating a recognition. The cards can also be used as an alternative to graduation invitations. Graduates might want to be celebrated post-graduation event and not have enough space to invite everyone to the ceremony. The announcements are a great reminder to everyone they are still very appreciative.

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Trending Floral Arrangements: Air Plants

Florists are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to reinvent floral arrangements. Be it for holidays, romantic events or for a person’s centerpiece, flowers and plants have played a large role in our decor. If you like plants or floral arrangements, you’re in for a treat. Whether for the office or just for your personal pleasure at home, florists everywhere are offering a new trendy way to have plants. If you haven’t heard of air plants before, read on. Air plants in glass terrariums are taking over floral arrangements.
Air plants are a unique plant from the Tillandsia genus that does not root in soil. They don’t root in anything at all, in fact. Their roots are designed solely to anchor themselves to branches high up in the trees. They grow in forests and deserts from the borders of northern Mexico to mid-Argentina. These plants soak in all their needed nutrients from the air and occasional rainfall. For more information on these curious plants, read here. You can see why this would make them a perfect houseplant. You don’t have to do much to it, and don’t even need to buy messy soil! This plant requires almost nothing to look great, live a long time and be a source of enjoyment. Florists will tell you the perfect way to house an air plant is in a glass terrarium.

A glass terrarium is a form of a vivarium, an enclosure for plants for the sake of study. Glass terrariums are perfect for small plants that don’t need a whole lot of care and can be displayed many different ways. There’s more info on vivariums here. The houseplants like air plants perfectly, because you can appreciate them from all angles, and they can cluster together in pretty arrangements with no problem. Florists warn against putting your air plants with other plants, as they can’t sit in the soil. So, buy a couple air plants and arrange them together in hanging glass spheres, and either place by a window or display out in the open.

Just keep in mind some minor care instructions. Air plants do need to be watered at least once a week. Just place the plant in a bowl of water for a few hours, then shake and lay on a towel to dry. Give your plants plenty of sunlight. When they start germinating, you can snip the baby air plants off of the mother and put them in another terrarium. Air plants make sensational gifts when paired with pretty glass terrariums. Sharing your air plants with your friends and loved ones is a great way to spread the beauty and wonder of these incredible little plants. Try placing your terrariums in windows, on desks or on the tops of bookshelves in your home. Put them on top of your shelf or right on your desk in your office where you can see it, so you can enjoy their beauty all day long.

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Decorating your Children’s Walls for Increased Learning

Have you ever thought about what kind of things you can do to your children’s rooms in order to make them appear brighter and fun? It can be discouraging knowing that decorating multiple children’s rooms can take a lot of work as well as can be very expensive when all the costs add up. Well, there are many things that you can do to make their rooms more fun and bright. Also, keep in mind that a room full of bright colors and pictures, etc. is a great learning tool for your children as well, because it does, in fact, stimulate their minds to facilitate learning. According to Alpha Omega Publications, studies have shown that certain colors like red and orange actually helped improve children’s IQ level by twelve points but attracting children’s attention to detail. Decorating your children’s walls with colorful images can cause them to learn better and are more likely to have a successful educational future.

According to, children learn best with color because it may have something to do with the neuropathways, assisting with connecting in the human brain. In addition, there have been many studies that demonstrate that children have higher brain development by being exposed to many different colors on a regular basis. Now, with that being said, it may be beneficial for parents to decorate the walls of the rooms, which will display constant colors, hence constant learning and development of the brain. You can look up sites that are more affordable with providing wall decorations, like stickers that do not ruin your wall paint and easily comes off. You can conduct research online for wall graphics Michigan, which should provide retailers around your area.

There are many other things you can do to decorate the walls with fun color. You can paint your children’s walls with different fun colors or you can draw on the walls, anything that provides lots of color and amusement. The best thing to do when decorating your children’s walls is not only to just provide lots of colors but to include images that they will enjoy. For example, if your child likes shapes or Minnie mouse characters, cartoon characters, anything they enjoy will like to look at, consider using reusable wall graphics. Reusable wall graphics come in many different sizes and even come in sizes as large as covering a whole with images. Reusable wall graphics work best because if you move to a different home you are able to transfer them to your new home without damaging the previous wall’s paint when removing them. In addition, they are super easy to setup, you simply peel and stick. It also may be fun to have your children help you decorate the wall.

Once again, when thinking about decorating your children’s walls, for the learning benefits of your children, it is recommended to decorate the walls full of different colors and images to stimulate the mind. Consider making this easy on yourself and using reusable wall graphics that you can customize to tailor to your children’s liking. Lastly, make it fun and have your children participate in selecting their choices of colors and images.…

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