Check This Out: People Over Age 53 Are Not Ready to Quit Wearing Jeans

The backlash on social media was intense as women reacted to a study claiming that people should quit wearing jeans after 53 years of age. Middle-aged and senior women made it clear they definitely are not ready to accept this advice. If they want to wear stylish jeans from an online store such as Lotus Boutique, they will do so. They’ll check this out whenever they want to add to their wardrobe.

Boomers Started the Trend

Today’s women reject absurd notions about what they should and should not be doing after a certain age. Boomers, men and women alike, realize they were the ones who started the decades-long trend of wearing jeans for regular casual use. Before the boomer generation, nobody wore jeans to school or to the office. This group is responsible for the prevalence of jeans seen today on people ranging from infants to centenarians.

Online commentary from men could also be found. They mainly sounded amused at the idea of giving up their favorite clothing at age 54.

The Pervasiveness of Jeans

These days, people of all ages wear jeans to memorial services, casual weddings and holiday gatherings. They typically save their newer, darker jeans for these events. Blue remains by far the most popular color for these pants, but black is seen frequently as well.

The Study

This study was actually a survey conducted in Great Britain. It’s unclear what the average age of the respondents is. Representatives of the fashion industry seem taken aback by the recommendation, and with good reason. Clothing manufacturers and stores earn a great deal of profit selling jeans to women and men in their 50s, 60s and beyond. They have come to view denim pants as a timeless option.

No Need for Worry

Clothing designers and producers, as well as stores that sell jeans, don’t have to worry about this population of customers agreeing with the survey results. Women in their 50s and beyond will continue shopping at a trendy online store for women’s clothing and jewelry when they want to buy denim clothing and any other items they’re in the mood for.