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Most people have some extra weight they would like to take off. Whether this is five pounds or 50, the right accessories can fool others into thinking that you have shed some weight. How can you use jewelry to make it appear as if you are thinner than you truly are? Following are three guidelines to help you achieve this effect.

Direct the Eyes Elsewhere

Women who carry more weight in the lower half of their body need to direct the eye upward. An easy way to do this is to choose a necklace in a bold color or one that is glitzy. Everyone’s eye will be directed toward the necklace and away from the extra weight. Women who are lacking in the chest area also benefit from a necklace that becomes the focal point of the outfit. Women with an ample chest, in contrast, need to move the eye away from this part of the body. Select a necklace that goes down below the chest and toward the waist.

Accentuate the Right Part of the Body

Belts are a great way to add shape to a body that may otherwise be lacking in this respect. For a woman who is tall and thin, a wide belt is needed. However, a woman who is carrying extra pounds should choose one that is thin to add curves in the right places. A thick belt in this situation can leave the woman appearing shapeless.

Choose the Right Bag

Women who are lacking in height need to carry a bag that is small so they aren’t overwhelmed by it. Tall women, in contrast, need to choose a bigger bag so they don’t overwhelm the bag. A small bag can leave them looking bigger than they truly are, and no female wants this. Hobo bags and satchels are excellent for women who would like to draw attention away from their hips and bottom. They bring the focus to the waist.

Consider each accessory carefully when putting together an outfit. The right piece of jewelry or bag can truly make a major impact on the overall appearance. If you still need help, click here to learn more. Every woman wants to look their best at all times, and small things can make a major difference in one’s look. The more you know, the easier it is to look your best at all times.