Decorating your Children’s Walls for Increased Learning

Have you ever thought about what kind of things you can do to your children’s rooms in order to make them appear brighter and fun? It can be discouraging knowing that decorating multiple children’s rooms can take a lot of work as well as can be very expensive when all the costs add up. Well, there are many things that you can do to make their rooms more fun and bright. Also, keep in mind that a room full of bright colors and pictures, etc. is a great learning tool for your children as well, because it does, in fact, stimulate their minds to facilitate learning. According to Alpha Omega Publications, studies have shown that certain colors like red and orange actually helped improve children’s IQ level by twelve points but attracting children’s attention to detail. Decorating your children’s walls with colorful images can cause them to learn better and are more likely to have a successful educational future.

According to, children learn best with color because it may have something to do with the neuropathways, assisting with connecting in the human brain. In addition, there have been many studies that demonstrate that children have higher brain development by being exposed to many different colors on a regular basis. Now, with that being said, it may be beneficial for parents to decorate the walls of the rooms, which will display constant colors, hence constant learning and development of the brain. You can look up sites that are more affordable with providing wall decorations, like stickers that do not ruin your wall paint and easily comes off. You can conduct research online for wall graphics Michigan, which should provide retailers around your area.

There are many other things you can do to decorate the walls with fun color. You can paint your children’s walls with different fun colors or you can draw on the walls, anything that provides lots of color and amusement. The best thing to do when decorating your children’s walls is not only to just provide lots of colors but to include images that they will enjoy. For example, if your child likes shapes or Minnie mouse characters, cartoon characters, anything they enjoy will like to look at, consider using reusable wall graphics. Reusable wall graphics come in many different sizes and even come in sizes as large as covering a whole with images. Reusable wall graphics work best because if you move to a different home you are able to transfer them to your new home without damaging the previous wall’s paint when removing them. In addition, they are super easy to setup, you simply peel and stick. It also may be fun to have your children help you decorate the wall.

Once again, when thinking about decorating your children’s walls, for the learning benefits of your children, it is recommended to decorate the walls full of different colors and images to stimulate the mind. Consider making this easy on yourself and using reusable wall graphics that you can customize to tailor to your children’s liking. Lastly, make it fun and have your children participate in selecting their choices of colors and images.