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What Is The Purpose Of A Spiritual Teacher?

There are several queries on whether it is important to have a spiritual teacher. As always in everything there are some aspects to determine if it is a good choice or not.

You should remember that a teacher was also on the path that you are using right now but is ahead of you in some ways. Teachers know that the paths are not easy and can be painful hence they aim at assisting in making them bearable.

An issue can present itself different once it is replicated to you by a teacher. On the first episode of a spiritual path, there is a lot of honesty that is does not come easy at this stage. One of our companions is denial and we are known to be afraid of pain though we are doing it without our knowledge. What there is, is that a teacher is consciousness and can look at both the mental and egoic approaches which we are eager to defend and justify.

A spiritual is able to open a supportive and safe stage for a person open up both in mind and heart. A wise teacher is careful not to use things that were hurtful and against us and also does not use information to manipulate their patient. The discussion you have your doctor is the same as you have with your spiritual teacher which is treated with full confidence.

It is advisable however to be careful not to lean so much on your spiritual teacher such that you feel like you will not succeed without them. If that occurs, it is a sign of self inadequacy. You are expected to follow the Chinese saying that the role of a teacher is open the door and yours is to go in alone.

Michael Mirdad is a spiritual teacher who is mystic, an author and a healer. Michael Mirdad has authored several books with his 35 years experience as an instinctive healer. Workshops on healing, relationships, spirituality, have been held all over the world with the help of Michael Mirdad. He is commonly known as a healer’s healer or a teacher’s teacher.

Choosing a spiritual teacher is ideal. A spiritual teacher assures you on your journey if you are giving up and you get a lot of encouragement. They are able to give you their eyes to see the world and experience life like it is heaven though it is on earth. With a spiritual teacher’s eyes you see the world and understand life on a heavenly level. You will feel loved by a spiritual healer just as you are with any weaknesses until such time as you can express who you really are.

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