Learn More about New Jewelry Styles for Spring

New arrivals for designer jewelry to go with spring fashions include color, bold statements, thick chains, chockers, and the re-emergence of the charm belt. Stacking bracelets and necklaces is a continuing trend, and innovative ear cuffs are bigger and more elaborate than seen in previous years. Those who prefer subtle designs will not be disappointed. A mini enamel lock necklace, for example, is available in four different colors. A sleek black thin pave band ring with cubic zirconia surrounding the whole thing is understated yet stunning.


Many of the boldest pieces have been introduced on the runway and customers can get their first look in fashion magazines and at the magazine websites. It is safe to say that not all of those new designs will work for the lifestyles of average teenagers, twenty-somethings, and young professionals. That does not mean designer jewelry is only for the rich and famous. Everyday people can learn more about designer jewelry that is creative, affordable, and realistic by browsing websites maintained by independent designers who know their audiences better.


Finding a sample of designer direct websites is easier than most people think. While checking out those magazine websites, be sure to glance through the advertisements (ads)and take note of the ones for jewelry sites. The InStyle magazine website, for example, includes an ad for Adina’s Jewels that features a script name stud and a “shop now” tab that brings people to that designer’s website. The linked page displays new arrivals and announces a reduced price of twenty percent off all orders.

What to Remember

What to take away from the runway examples of new trends is that bold is better, layer as much as you dare, and either check through Mom’s closet or shop second-hand stores to find vintage charm belts. Purchasing jewelry from new designer collections online is cost-effective, trendy, and will be a cut above cheap department store costume jewelry that everyone else will be wearing. When websites that suits preferences and budgets are found, place them in favorites for future reference. This will also make it easy to recall when friends ask where they can find that amazing piece of jewelry.