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Getting the Best Concrete Sealers for Your Driveway

Driveway sealing is a necessity. Doing this will keep the concrete from forming fissures and getting discolored. Concrete sealing makes easier the cleaning of oil or gas spills on the driveway. Concrete driveway sealers come in different kinds, so it is important for you to assess which one best fits your needs.

Each of the two categories of concrete driveway sealers can be classified into smaller groups. In choosing a sealer, the difference between a topical sealer and a penetrating sealer is very clear. A topical sealer only provides the driveway with surface coverage, but a penetrating sealer can further permeate the concrete to a depth of up to 4 inches.

A penetrating sealer is useful in covering holes within the concrete. It fortifies the driveway in the best way, and is more durable than a topical sealer. Although topical sealer is cheaper, the protection it offers is still satisfactory. Unfortunately, the driveway would have to undergo resealing more regularly since topical sealer does not last as long. Still, the application of the sealer is as effortless as painting.

Penetrating sealer is offered in three kinds–a silane, a siliconate, and a silicate sealer. Silane concrete sealers can endure up to five to eight years of use due to its durability. However, it is the most costly in the long term since you would need to make very frequent use of it. A silane sealer also darkens the color of the concrete. A silicate sealer is an excellent seal for concrete since it permanently bonds with it. However, since penetration for it is more difficult, its effect on smooth surfaces is not as good. It fuses better with rougher concrete surfaces and thus should not be applied on driveways. Siliconate sealers may be the best option for a concrete driveway. Its ability to fit well with concrete also makes it a quality seal. One benefit it gives is that it can be used to both maintain and repair the driveway. As a result it can already be applied on the driveway even on the same day it had been installed.

In getting a topical driveway sealer, there are also several varieties to choose from. Although silicone sealer costs the least, it will not work well on a driveway. Its inability to endure abrasions well enough is the reason for its low durability. An acrylic sealer can hold up to five years because it is sturdier. The price you will pay will be worth the immense value you will get from it. The last alternative would be polyester sealer. Since it offers better quality than acrylic, it will come out to be more expensive. In the end, you will realize that paying for additional protection at such a high price would not be worth it.

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