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The Advantages of Using SaaS Marketplace

SaaS technology has enabled software vendors, telecommunication carriers, web hosting providers and value-added reseller to get revenue from this software; it has made it possible for business to save on cost. Change of tact should be employed while selling SaaS since its functioning is entirely different from the customary software that are available in the market.

SaaS uses a unique concept. Instead of the users of the software being required to purchase many licenses for the different software packages they use, host these software on their servers and manage these software’s in-house, what SaaS does is that it allows you to relegate all these function to a third party.

One derives a lot of benefits through transferring various roles to a third party. We do know the real cost of a software is determined by the expenses incurred in operating the software where this operating cost is inclusive of the installation and the maintenance cost and not in just the cost of buying the software. For sure many IT managers can confidently tell you that the expenses involved in running a software are high for the entire time that it will be in operation.

SaaS tremendous growth can be credited to three participants: the software vendors, channel partners and the end user. Because all the needs of these three key players that is the software vendors, channel partners and end users are within the same confines, it has made it become worthy to capitalize on SaaS marketplace.
SaaS initiatives have been rolled out by software vendors while SaaS users are requesting for more and more of SaaS services since they have become more receptive to hosted services that are been offered by web hosting providers.
With channel partners receiving dwindling margins on their traditional hardware and software services, they have seen the need to find new alternatives that will generate more revenues for their business.

Here is a summary of why you need to invest in SaaS:

o Because one does not incur license charges and the running costs of the software has been eliminated then the cost of the software has been reduced drastically.
o It cuts on staff cost since no staff are required to either maintain the extra servers, equipment or to run the software in-house.
o Although the users of the software are required to undergo training, it is not as expensive as it would have been than buying the in-house software.

Before buying the SaaS software from a salesperson, it is of paramount importance to go through the SaaS software comments written by other users on the World Wide Web. Alternatively, you can request the software supplier to give you the free trial software before you buy the SaaS software.

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