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Why Salt-Free Water Softeners are Beneficial

Water softeners are essential if your water supply provides hard water. The level of calcium and magnesium contained in hard water is high. Water doesn’t lather readily with soap because of these minerals. Such water forms scale on kitchen appliances The damage caused results in having to replace kitchen appliances. After interacting with water of high mineral content, water becomes hard. Your water supplier may also be providing hard water. The negative effects of hard water makes water softener use necessary. Hard water is conditioned by water softeners. When softened, the water readily lathers with soap and doesn’t form scale on appliances. Salt-based and salt-free water softeners are available. Salt-based water softeners replace magnesium and calcium with sodium. The minerals are gotten rid of completely. Salt-free water softeners don’t replace magnesium and calcium ions. Instead, the softeners change the crystalline structure of magnesium and calcium. Although the minerals remain in the water, they don’t have the negative effects as they did before. The softened water readily lathers and doesn’t scale appliances. These water softeners are all effective. With salt-free water softeners, you will garner more benefits. Here is why.

The importance of magnesium and calcium in our bodies can’ t be overstated. Magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of enzymes in the body. Bone health is also maintained by magnesium. Proper formation of bone and teeth is aided by calcium. There are other things that calcium is needed for including helping with blood clotting. The numerous roles that magnesium and calcium have in our bodies means that we need a lot of it in our bodies. The foods we eat are the source of magnesium and calcium as is the case with other nutrients in our bodies. However, some people feel that they don’t get the required amount of these minerals from their diet. As a result, many people are on calcium and magnesium supplements. Your intake of the minerals will be increased when salt-free water softeners are used since they don’t remove the minerals. This benefit is not gained with salt-based water softeners as they replace the minerals.

Many people tend to consume more sodium than is needed. The level of intake of sodium is high since sodium is present in most foods. Getting sodium from the water makes the intake higher. High blood pressure can be caused by excess sodium. Minerals are not replaced with sodium with salt-free water softeners. The risk of getting high blood pressure is reduced by lowering your sodium intake.

Water is potable when softened with salt-free softeners. Water softened by salt-based softeners feels slimy. Salt-free water softeners don’t do this. You will garner these benefits with salt-free water softeners.

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